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Radio Shows - 2011_KW26 - Playlist

presented by  - The Fabulous Beatmashers™ - 

Mix 1 KW 26 - 2011

1) Fatboy Slim vs. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to praise (Lobsterdust)
2) Timbaland vs. Nelly Furtado vs. Tone Loc  - Give it to the Funky Cold Medina (Mastermix)
3) Sean Paul vs. Kool & the Gang - Celebration Temperature (DJ Mashup)
4) Montell Jordan vs. LMFAO - This is how we Party rock (DJ Woo Wee & Stelmix)
5) Example vs. R.E.M. - The One who changed the Way (Hifi Banjo Strings)
6) Inna vs. Adele vs. LMFAO - Rolling in the Sun deep (Xam)
7) Britney Spears vs. Cascada vs. Bon Jovi vs. TATU - Hold the Bad Name Clowns against me (DanMei)

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Mix 2 KW 26 - 2011

1) Madonna vs. Sisters Sledge vs. Timbaland vs. Diana Ross vs. Jazzy Jeff  & Fresh Prince - The Greatest 4 Minutes of Summer Music (DJ M.I.F.)
2) David Guetta vs. Flo-Rida - Low is gone (DJ Partybreaker)
3) 50 Cent vs. T-Pain vs. Flo-Rida - Low Technology (DJ Rosman)
4) Rihanna vs. Biggie Smalls vs. Michael Jackson - Don t stop and wanna be startin the Music (DJ Spider)
5) Indeep vs. Madonna vs. Michael Jackson - Last Night the Music saved my Life (MadMixMustang)
6) Billie Ray Martin vs. Yves LaRock - Rise your loving Arms (Beat Thrillerz)
7) E.B.T.G. vs. Yves LaRock - Missing rise up (Martin Pieters)
8) Kraftwerk vs. E.B.T.G. - Model goes Missing (Matt Hite)
9) Michael Jackson vs. YES - Bad vs. Owner of a lonely Heart (DJ Moule)
10) Phil Collins vs. Nelly Furtado - Easy Man Eater (Victor Menegeaux)
11) Madonna vs. David Guetta - Baby when the Virgins (CLIVE$TER)
12) Junior Jack vs. Eric Prydz - Smba Pjanno (Beat Thrillerz)

Commercial Break

Mix 3 KW 26 - 2011

1) Rihanna vs. Faithless - Only Insomnia in the World (DJs from Mars)
2) Faithless vs. Tone Loc - Funky Insomnia (9inch)
3) Cee Lo Green vs. Flo-Rida - Fuck the Club (MashMike)
4) Ceel Lo Green vs. Van Halen - Jump you Fucker (The Kleptones)
5) Rihanna vs. Scorpions vs. DEV feat. The Cataracs - Rock your S&M Fanatasy down low (Titus Jones)
6) Flo-Rida feat. Akon vs. Blur vs. Nirvana - Who dat Rock Star (Danny Diggz)
7) Nirvana vs. NeYo - Beautiful Monster vs. Smells like Teen Spirit (DMC)
8) Pryda vs. Bruno Mars - Melo vs. Just the Way you are (Fabulous Beatmashers™)
9) Jennifer Lopez vs. Robyn vs. Ludacris - Dancing on my own Floor (MashMike)
10) Jennifer Lopez vs. Pitbull - On the Floor (Bootleg)
11) Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull vs. Laurent Wolf - Stress on the Floor (Gauffie)
12) DJ Antoine - Welcome to St. Tropez Partybreak (Fabulous Beatmashers™)
13) Remady PR vs. Kesha - We are Superstar (The White Panda)
14) Kesha vs. Britney Spears - We R We R against me (DMC)
15) Jedward vs. Britney Spears vs. Afrojack feat. NeYo - Britward´s Party (Marc Johnce vs. Jimmy Klok)
16) Britney Spears vs. Afrojack vs. Adele - Rolling Sassy against me (Marc Johnce)
17) Afrojack vs. Far East Movement -Take over G6 (Stereo Speakers feat. DJ Wool)
18) Benny Benassi vs. Far East Movement - G6 Satisfaction (Max Meth)

Commercial Break

Mix 4 KW 26 - 2011

1) Green Day vs. Katy Perry - Boulevard of Green E.T.s (Dan Mei)
2) Green Day vs. Sniper - Geen Day dans la Roche (Bogoss)
3) Aleo Blacc vs. Mary J. Blidge - I need Dollar Family (Bogoss)
4) Luniz vs. Britney Spears - I got Circus on it (Fabulous Beatmashers™)
5) Usher vs. Example - OMG you changed the Way you kiss me (Dylan Vasey)
6) Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga vs. Robert Miles - Childrens Telephone (CjR)
7) Survivor vs. Chicane - Eye of the Poppiholla (Mashed & Confused)
8) Michael Jackson vs. Britney Spears - Beat my Trouble (Dra´Man)
9) Nadia Ali feat. Starkillers & Alex Kenji vs. Britney Spears - Till the Pressure ends (Stereo Letters)
10) Seal vs. Katy Perry - Seal it with a Peacock (MichMash)

(*the last 3 Mashups are taken from the "Mash Fatal" Album by Jarod Ripley)

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