Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Radio Shows - 2010_KW28 - Playlist (Hitradio N1 & Radio Galaxy)

The Fabulous Beatmashers Radio Show - N1 Booty Mashed Show

Mix 1 - KW 28 - 2010

1) Dimples d vs. Miley Cyrus - Party DJ in the USA (Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen)
2) Michael Jackosn vs. Kanye West - Thriller Lockdown (DJ Zax)
3) Rockwell vs. Lady Gaga - Somebodys watching me vs. Just Dance (Crazy Chris)
4) Ivory vs. Ray Parker jr. - Ghostbusters (DJ Frankee)
5) Usher vs. Robin S. - Show me Love in the Club (DJ Rekka)
6) Lady Gaga vs. Daft Punk - One more Alejandro (POMATIC)
7) Sidney Sampson vs. Missy Elliott - Riverside (Twenty s Timbaland Mashup)
8) Kylie Minogue vs. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance out of my Head (DJ Robson Michel)

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Mix 2 - KW28 - 2010

1) Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg vs. Baltimora - Tarzan Gurls (Divide & Kreate)
2) Kayne West vs. Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg - California Supernova (Maggie Mash)
3) Depeche Mode vs. Missy Elliott - Just cant get enough Work (DJ Bootox vs. ComaR)
4) Example vs. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo for Example (Ian Fondue)
5) Deadmau5 vs. Ludacris - How low can Chords go (Partyben)
6) David Bowie vs. Muse - Lets Plug in Lives (ToToM)
7) Deux vs. B.O.B. - Nothin on Time is now (Fabulous Beatmashers)

Commercial Break

Mix 3 - KW 28 - 2010

1) Sister Sledge vs. Mondotek vs. Busta Rhymes - Alive vs.Lost in Music vs. Sing it back (Bootleg)
2) Jason Derulo vs. Liquido - In my Head vs. Narotic (DJs from Mars)
3) The Real Booty Babes vs. Britney - 3 (DJs from Mars)
4) David Guetta vs. Madonna - Babay when the Lights vs. Like a Virgin (CLIVE$TER)
5) Cheryl Cole feat. Will Iam vs. Art of Noise - Words in Love (DJs from Mars)
6) BBE vs. Goldfrapp - Seven Days and one Rocket (DJs from Mars)
7) Celvin Rotane vs. Kiss - I was made believe for you Baby (MashMike)

Commercial Break

Mix 4 - KW 28 - 2010

1) Queen - Extreme Queen (LeeDM101)
2) Dr. Dre vs. Amerie - Gotta work through the next Episode (Supakon)
3) Owl City vs. One Republic vs. Suvivor - Oh no not that Fireflies again (DanMei vs. Mash2Mix)
4) Kelis vs. C&C Music Factory - Everybody Milkshake (Payroll)
5) Christina Aguilera vs. Rihanna - Not myself Rude Boy (Fabulous Beatmashers)
6) Europe vs. Britney - The Final Countdown Circus (DanMei)
7) Kaskade vs. Deadmau5 - I remember (Mau5Trap)
8) Christina Aguilera vs. Mike Oldfield - Not my Tubular Bells (DJs from Mars)
9) Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado vs. Technotronic - Get up & give it to me (Robin Skouteris)

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