Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

Radio Shows - 2010_KW21 - Playlist (Hitradio N1 & Radio Galaxy)

The Fabulous Beatmashers Radio Show - N1 Booty Mashed Show

Mix 1 KW 21 - 2010

1) Dr. Dre vs. Mavin Gaye - What´s the Healing (DJ Fac)
2) Ideal vs. Seeed - Music Monks, Whatever (DJ Fac)
3) Jan Delay vs. Jurassic 5 feat. Dave Mathew - Clear it out (DJ Fac)
4) Bee Gees vs. Will Smith - Stayin alive vs. Switch (Cheekyboy)
5) Bee Gees vs. Snoop Dogg - Drop it like it´s stayin alive (Pytski)
6) Bee Gees vs. Chic vs. Wyclef Jean vs. Walter Murphy - Disco be stayin alive (DJ BC)
7) Black Eyed Peas vs. Joss Stone vs. Die Fantastischen Vier - Tell me bout the summer Rain (DJ Fac)
8) Stromae vs. Francisco - Now we Danse (DJ FMSteff)
9) Madison Avenue vs. Lady Gaga - Don´t call me for a Bad Romance (DJ Spider)
10) Black Eyed Peas vs.Orangez - Rock that Body 2k10 (Bootleg)

Commercial Break

Mix 2 KW 21 - 2010

1) Kid Rock - All Summer long (Rhythm Scholar)
2) Boston vs. Jagged Edge - Boston let´s get married (Lethal Weapon)
3) Rhythm Scholar vs. Queen - Another One bites the Dust (Rhythm Scholar Blasted Breaks Mix)
4) Destinys Child vs. Prince - Kiss vs. Bug a Boo (DMC)
5) Barcley James Harvest vs. Prince - Life ist for Living vs. Kiss (Blackline)
6) Kelis vs. Simple Minds - New Gold Acapella (DJs from Mars)
7) Tinie Tempah vs. Boomfunk MCs - Pass out the Freestyler (DJs from Mars)
8) Christina Aguilera vs. Mike Oldfield - Not my Tubular Bells tonight (DJs from Mars)

Commercial Break

Mix 3 KW 21 - 2010

1) Fatboy Slim vs. Justice vs. The Bloody Beetroots -Ffa 69 is your Star Friend (Elocnep)
2) Madonna vs. Daft Punk - Music vs. Da Funk (SuperbeatZ DJ Remix)
3) The Killers vs. Polarkreis 18 - Lonesome Human (CLIVE$TER)
4) Deadmau5 vs. Tag Team - Whoomp N Stuff (Xam)
5) Kesha vs. Queen - Radio Tik Tok (DJs from Mars)
6) Yazoo vs. Snap - Yazoo is a Dancer (Xam)
7) Veracocha vs. Madonna - Miles Carte Blanche (Fabulous Beatmashers)
8) 3 Drives on Vinyl vs. Faith Evans - All Night Greece 2000 (Fabulous Beatmashers)
9) Metallica vs. Coldplay - Until it talks (Kreate & Divide)

Commercial Break

Mix 4 KW 21 - 2010

1) Black Eyed Peas vs. David Guetta - I gotta Feeling (EDUB)
2) The Hound Dogs vs. Kasino - Like Girls, Shake it & clap your Hands (Mastermix)
3) Jay Z. feat Alicia Keys vs. Black Eyed Peas - Empire State of Feeling (DJs from Mars)
4) Lady Gaga vs. Bob Marley - Could you be Love Game (DJs from Mars)
5) Britney vs. Spit - Circus vs. Fallin (Fabulous Beatmashers)
6) Snoop Dogg vs. Snap - Rhythm is a Gansta (DJs from Mars)
7) Madonna vs. Soft Cell - Tainted Revolver (DJs from Mars)

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